With our vast net­work of banks, we aid busi­ness­es of the high-risk indus­try swift­ly and inex­pen­sive­ly get their own mer­chant account. Set up pay­ment pro­cess­ing that is secure and com­pli­ant, enabling you to grow and expand.
Result: Your busi­ness is in for more oppor­tu­ni­ties and more prof­it.

We accept high risk industries
with our hassle-free payment processing

Our account spe­cial­ists can assist you with all of your pay­ment pro­cess­ing needs.

From low­ing exist­ing rates to increas­ing pro­cess­ing vol­ume capac­i­ty; from start-ups to Mer­chants who’s accounts have been shut down; No busi­ness is too big or small. All of our clients are treat­ed with the respect and dig­ni­ty they deserve.

We offer the following solutions and services that are innovative and technologically-advanced to our merchants:

Merchant Processing

Seam­less and fast mer­chant account set up with high chances of approval. Get matched with the best solu­tions and opti­mum deals in line with the indus­try you are in.

ACH/ eChecks Payments

Save more time and mon­ey with cash­less trans­ac­tions. Dig­i­tal­ly trans­fer pay­ments to your account and incor­po­rate your retail and ecom­merce busi­ness lead­ing to increased sales. This is great for large tick­et items and ser­vices with recur­ring billing.

Cash Discount

Say good­bye to incurred pro­cess­ing fees. Car­ry out a small ser­vice fee to your cus­tomers’ trans­ac­tions when they pay with their cred­it cards. If cus­tomers opt to pay with cash, the ser­vice fee will not be charged, hence giv­ing them a dis­count.

Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO)

Secure and inex­pen­sive vir­tu­al ter­mi­nal ser­vices that helps you keep up with the increas­ing trend of ecom­merce indus­try. Trans­form your devices such as com­put­er, lap­top, tablet, or smart­phone into a cred­it card ter­mi­nal. Process pay­ments eas­i­ly via email, phone, or fax any­time, any­where.

Shopping Carts

Gain lever­age in ecom­merce indus­try with a reli­able shop­ping cart solu­tion. Online shop­ping is a steadi­ly broad­en­ing busi­ness espe­cial­ly in this age of tech­nol­o­gy. Expand your mar­ket as cus­tomers now pre­fer to pur­chase goods and ser­vices online, even pay­ing the bills and acquir­ing tick­ets.

Recurring Billing Services

No more end­less rou­tine of man­u­al­ly enter­ing customer’s cred­it data. A sim­ple and flex­i­ble pay­ment solu­tions that allows mer­chants to cus­tomize the con­di­tions of the billing sched­ule whether dai­ly, week­ly, month­ly, or annu­al­ly.

Payment Gateways / API Integration

Get glob­al reach with the use of any device, any­time, any­where. Expe­ri­ence swift and stead­fast trans­ac­tion pro­cess­ing while reduc­ing costs, min­i­miz­ing risk, and shield­ing your customer’s cred­it card data from breach­es. Per­son­al­ize reports and cus­tomize trans­ac­tion data with access to the API.

Risk Management / Chargeback Integration

Pro­tect your com­pa­ny from the night­mare of charge­backs. Expe­ri­ence reli­able and smarter pay­ment pro­cess­ing. Pre­vent com­pli­ca­tions like online fraud, charge­backs, and dis­putes with a secure online pay­ment gate­way. Receive high lev­el of sup­port when it comes to pay­ment secu­ri­ty and com­pli­ance.

Software Solutions

Elec­tron­ic stor­age of data/information in a cus­tomized POS sys­tem. Auto­mat­ed pro­cess­ing of charge­backs, refunds, and alerts. Tai­lor your busi­ness’ needs from keep­ing track of trans­ac­tions to pay­ment solu­tions.

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We are a technology company in the payments space delivering superior service

Our mis­sion is to pro­vide busi­ness­es with high-qual­i­ty and cus­tomized cred­it card pro­cess­ing ser­vices, par­tic­u­lar­ly high-risk ones. We want to make sure that every mer­chant, may they be small fam­i­ly owned brick and mor­tar or a glob­al ecomm pow­er­house; high-risk or low-risk, has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to acquire the ser­vices they need to run their busi­ness and ulti­mate­ly achieve their goals. To ensure this, we are also work­ing to pro­vide a thriv­ing envi­ron­ment for our employ­ees so that they not only deliv­er the best ser­vice, but also grow as indi­vid­u­als and great pro­fes­sion­als. With the help of our exten­sive net­work and con­nect­ed banks, we will tai­lor a pay­ment accep­tance pro­gram to meet any legal Busi­ness’s imme­di­ate needs and also pre­pare for the future. We are also will­ing to extend our knowl­edge, exper­tise and lever­age our con­nec­tions to assist in all facets of busi­ness to help our clients max­i­mize prof­its and ensure long-term sus­tain­able income.

Nation­al Book­keep­ing and Man­age­ment Sys­tems Inc. head­quar­tered in Buf­fa­lo, NY has an estab­lished Glob­al foot­print.  With Domes­tic offices locat­ed in Rochester, NY and Oma­ha, NE., Inter­na­tion­al Offices in Cebu City and Davao City Philip­pines clients can expect to receive hon­est ser­vices while uphold­ing strong moral prin­ci­ples and moral upright­ness at a fair price. With over 200 track rela­tion­ships with dif­fer­ent banks and proces­sors, rest assured that your busi­ness is in good hands. What­ev­er your busi­ness may be, whether a trav­el agency, a coach­ing and train­ing com­pa­ny or even a mar­i­jua­na dis­pen­sary, can be board­ed and you can expect fast secure and reli­able ser­vice.

Reach­ing your busi­ness’ poten­tial in all aspects is a pri­or­i­ty. You will not just have a busi­ness part­ner with mer­chant assis­tance but also a pal, a friend, that makes sure all is going well. As a direct re-sell­er of NMI, authorize.net, Flu­id Pay and many oth­ers we can inte­grate and pro­vide solu­tions that will work with exist­ing gate­ways and check-outs. Pro­cess­ing bil­lions of dol­lars every year we will lever­age our port­fo­lio to pro­vide you with the best pos­si­ble solu­tions.

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Success stories

I have been in the coach­ing and men­tor­ship busi­ness for the past 8 years. I have estab­lished hun­dreds of thou­sands of fol­low­ers with my social media con­tent and blog posts. My busi­ness is boom­ing. I could gen­er­ate huge amounts of traf­fic to my web­site but my con­ver­sion ratio was low. I could see through ana­lyt­ics that my clients were inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing my pro­grams but my web­site was not opti­mized to accept a pay­ment from a will­ing client. Instead, I would sched­ule a meet­ing and then try to have the client pay by check or wire as my Pay­Pal account held funds for 30 days before releas­ing the mon­ey to me. I had 2 Mer­chant Accounts in the past that were closed down on me and my funds were held for near­ly a year so I had basi­cal­ly giv­en up on pro­cess­ing a cred­it card. Then I met Lisa at a trade show and she edu­cat­ed me on the rea­son why my Mer­chant Accounts were shut down. She helped me to get off Match, which is basi­cal­ly a black­list for busi­ness own­ers to pre­vent them from pro­cess­ing an elec­tron­ic pay­ment. She also helped me to get my own Mer­chant account and ful­ly inte­grate it to my web­site. Sure there was a 10% reserve to start but they only held these funds for 6 months before releas­ing them to me so it was like hav­ing my own lit­tle short term CD or sav­ings account. I used to aver­age $10,000 to $15,000 per month in sales but my busi­ness has jumped immense­ly since my con­ver­sion ratio increased by over 500%. These added sales funds helped me to grow my brand and now I can help and men­tor mil­lions of peo­ple. I can lead my tribe by exam­ple and give back to my com­mu­ni­ty. My fam­i­ly has grown stronger as I am able to focus on cre­at­ing con­tent and pro­grams only instead of try­ing to sell the client a sec­ond time when it came time for pay­ment. This has freed up my per­son­al time and my world has tru­ly changed for the bet­ter. Thank you, Lisa and Mer­chant Assis­tance.”